Mozambican government regulates small-scale PPPs

8 August 2013

The Mozambican Council of Ministers this week in Maputo approved regulations for small-scale public-private partnerships (PPP) and business concessions in Mozambique, which include projects with investment of no more than 5 million meticals (US$168 000).

These regulations will complement legislation approved in 2001, which only covered large-scale PPPs.

“This decree regulates the establishment and the process of implementing and monitoring small public-private partnerships and small-scale business concessions, such as municipal parks and gardens,” said Alberto Nkutumula, spokesman for the Council of Ministers.

“Contracts for these projects should always be signed based on a public tender. There are, however, two exceptions: One is related to cases in which the tender had no response and, the other, in which competitors have been disqualified,” said Nkutumula, explaining that, in these cases contracts can be awarded directly.

The contracts for small-scale projects may have a lifetime of 15 years, for cases where a project is built from scratch and 10 years for case in which the infrastructure has already been built, but requires refurbishment. (macauhub)