World Bank grants US$4 million to support farmers in Zambezi Valley, Mozambique

9 August 2013

The World Bank over the last five years has granted over US$4 million to support agricultural production to farmers in the Zambezi Valley, in central Mozambique.

The manager of the Project for Small-scale Market-focused Producers, José Caravela said that the World Bank supported the small-scale producers with funding, agricultural equipment, purchasing animals and management training i order to allow them to become medium-sized or large producers.

The project is being carried out by the Mozambican government through the State Administration Ministry in partnership with the World Bank in the Zambezi Valley, Mopeia and Morrumbala (Zambézia) Chemba and Marínguè (Sofala) and Mutarara (Tete).

According to Caravela most of the farmers received teams of oxen, trailers, and cattle for farm work and to transport people and goods.

The producers are implementing projects such as milling units, chicken farming and artisanal fishing amongst other initiatives. (macauhub)