Office space sales in Maputo vary between US$2,000 and 3,200 per square meter

14 August 2013

The average price per square metre for office space sales in Maputo ranges from US$2,000 and US$3,200, according to a study from the consultancy Prime Yield Moçambique (PYM), which expects prices to stabilise over the next five years.

By evaluating five areas the “Mozambique Real Estate 2013” study showed that the areas of Bairro Central B and Polana Cimento B, with an average cost of US$2,000 per square metre, are the cheapest in the city, whilst the Sommerschield area, where the cost averages US$3,200, is the most expensive.

Bairro Central C (US$2,500) and Polana A (US$2,200) are in the middle-ground of the consultancy’s study which is “the result of field work, along with information from properties evaluated by PYM.”

In the rental market the respective costs per square meter vary between US$22 in Bairro Central B and Polana Cimento B, US$25 in Polana Cimento A, US$28 in Sommerschield and US$30 in Bairro Central C.

“Over the last five years the price of renting office space has risen due to high demand, particularly from large companies (megaprojects) and the arrival of foreigners,” PYM consultant Daniela Costa told Macauhub.

According to Costa, in the next five years, the price of rentals should stabilise as new facilities are built, increasing the availability of office space in Maputo, which now stands at a total of “approximately 337,000 square metres.” (macauhub)