Mozambicans pay US$4 billion in taxes in 2013

20 August 2013

Mozambique’s Tributary Authority (AT) this year expects to collect tax revenues of 120.5 billion meticals (US$4 billion), said the chairman of the institution, Rosário Fernandes.

According to the Mozambican press, Fernandes said that in the first six months of the year the AT had collected taxes of 67.7 billion meticals, or more than half the figure projected for the whole of 2013.

At a meeting of the Tributary Authority’s Tax Council, Fernandes said that the AT expected, from 2016 onwards, to improve its process of taxing natural resources companies so that their tax contribution can be increased.

The chairman of the AT also said that in six years the number of taxpayers in Mozambique had risen from 400,000 to 2.4 million, which means that one fifth of the active population meets its tax obligations.

By the end of this year the AT expects to register 200,000 new taxpayers, a quarter of whom resident in Maputo, a tax area that in 2012 accounted for revenues of 221 million meticals. (macauhub)