First sparkling wine made in Cape Verde presented Thursday

28 August 2013

The first sparkling wine produced in Cape Verde, “Espumante de Fogo”, is made from a muscatel grape variety from the Chã das Caldeiras wine region, said production manager, Franz Egger.

This new wine, which will be presented publicly Thursday in Praia, is a product of the Delgado-Egger-Fonseca company, owned by one Cape Verdean and two foreign investors, one of which is Franz Egger, an Italian oenologist who has helped the wine cooperatives on Fogo Island to produce quality wine and other products since 1998.

Production of the new sparkling wine will total 400 0.75 litre bottles and, as the price is practically double that of the white wine produced in Chã de Caldeiras, the idea is to analyse the market’s reaction to the new product.

Egger noted that around 20 percent of the sparkling wines produced in the world are bought by Germany, and it is therefore expected that the Cape Verdean wine will have a “good market” amongst German and French tourists visiting the islands. (macauhub)