Portugal and Brazil lose ground in Angola’s imports

29 August 2013

Countries such as Thailand, Belgium, China, South Africa and the United States are gaining ground in Angola’s imports to the detriment of countries such as Portugal and Brazil, according to a report from sea transport company Maersk Line about the first half of the year.

The report restates that in order to maintain the growth seen in Angola in the last decade resulting in increased imports Angolan consumers have made use of Portuguese and Brazilian products to meet many of their needs.

However, although several years ago it was standard for products from these two countries to see annual growth of up to 40 percent, this growth now stands at between 4 and 10 percent, with other countries seeing much higher growth rates.

China dominates the statistics, but countries such as Thailand, Belgium, South Africa and the United States are seeing their exports to Angola grow significantly, with China, Belgium and Thailand posting growth of over 40 percent in annual terms.

Cláudio Marcos Rosa, the managing director of Maersk Line, noted that the recorded growth rates were due to an increased consumer base in Angola. He added that imports from China included white goods, electronics and construction materials, from the United States included meat and chicken, from Belgium included flour and eggs and rice from Thailand.

The report showed that the transport model was undergoing changes including a reduced amount of bulk cargo and an increase in use of refrigerated containers. Refrigerated units account for 25 percent of the containers that arrive in Angola on the company’s ships.

Maersk Line, which was founded in 1904, is the world’s largest transport company and has a fleet of 550 ships. The company has carried cargo to Angola for the last 15 years. (macauhub)