Mozambican government seeks funding for construction of Mapai dam

2 September 2013

The Mozambican government is still seeking partners to fund construction of the Mapai dam, in the northern region of Gaza province, the Mozambican President said, cited by news agency AIM.

Construction of the dam, the cost of which was not given, is considered to be of vital importance for managing flooding that causes huge damage and deaths, along areas adjacent to the Limpopo River.

At least 47 people died, 37 by drowning, as a result of floods that devastated extensive areas along the Limpopo, in Gaza province at the beginning of the year, and some urban areas were submerged.

“It is essential to have a dam in Mapai, and the problem is one of raising funds, and the government will not rest until we get them.” President Armando Guebuza said Saturday in the town of Macia. (macauhub)