Fishing production in Mozambique exceeds 190,000 tons

3 September 2013

Fishing production in Mozambique currently stands at over 190,000 tons of a variety of products, which is within the parameters set in the master plan for the sector, of reaching 300,000 tons a year by 2019, according to a report in newspaper Notícias.

At a meeting held last week to analyse the sector, an announcement was made that the country’s fishing production had risen from 150,000 tons in 2009 to 190,000 in 2012 and that epr capita consumption had risen from 7.83 kilogrammes three years ago to 10.41 kilogrammes last year.

The newspaper also reported that the rise in production achieved by 2012 was mainly due to an increase in fish farming, or aquaculture, as industrial fishing fell. This may be related to increased inspections and patrols by the authorities to ensure sustainable fishing.

In 2012, Mozambican fish exports totalled S$62.7 million, as compared to sales of US$65.6 million in 2009, although in 2010 and 2011 foreign exports provided income of US$68.8 million and US$77.9 million, respectively.

Mozambique spent US$47 million in 2012 as compared to US$37 million three years before on fish imports, particularly horse mackerel, one of the most popular fish in urban areas.

At the meeting, Fishing Minister Victor Borges, noted that taking into consideration the development of the main indicators of the master plan, everything pointed to production of 300,000 tons of fish and per capita consumption of around 11 kilogrammes by 2019. (macauhub)