Lack of electricity prevents construction of cement plant in Sofala province, Mozambique

5 September 2013

A cement plant with annual production of 500,000 tons is due to be built in the Muxúnguè area of the Chibabava district of Mozambique’s central Sofala province, the country’s President, Armando Guebuza, said Tuesday cited by Mozambican news agency AIM.

At a meeting with residents of Maxixe, a municipality in Inhambane province, Guebuza noted that if electricity was available the cement plant, a result of cooperation with China, would already have been set up in the region.

“There is an abundance of limestone in the region, which is the main raw material used to manufacture cement, and the only thing lacking was electricity,” said Guebuza.

The President said it was possible that a gas pipeline would be built from the natural gas fields in Temane, in the coastal province of Inhambane, to feed the new cement facility. (macauhub)