Salaries in Angola range between 10,000 and 3 million kwanzas per month

9 September 2013

Salaries in Angola range between 10,000 kwanzas (US$104) and 3 million kwanzas (US$31,100) per month, according to a government study sent to Angola’s Catholic University and cited by Angolan weekly newspaper Expansão.

The study carried out by Angola’s Ministry for public Administration, Work and Social Security provided to the Centre for Scientific Studies and Research (CEIC) at the Catholic University to draw up its 2012 economic report, was drawn up based on a survey of 28,000 workers at 351 public and private companies.

The study on employment and salaries shows, for example, that the telecommunications and transport sector has the least difference between the lowest and highest salaries.

The figures, from 16 April this year, show that in the telecommunications sector the lowest salary was 20,870 kwanzas, rising to an average of 142,806 kwanzas, and the highest is 822,672 kwanzas.

In the transport sector the salaries are even more evenly matched, starting at 11,051 kwanzas and ending at 570,000 kwanzas, with an average of 48,711 kwanzas.

The services sector, on the other hand, has the biggest difference between low and high salaries. Salaries in this sector start at 10,000 kwanzas, average almost 106,000 kwanzas and the highest paid employees take a salary of over 3 million kwanzas per month. (macauhub)