Maize production in Mozambique has one of lowest yields in southern Africa

12 September 2013

The yield for maize production in Mozambique is 1 ton per hectare compared to an average of 4.9 tons per hectare for Southern African countries, according to an official from the Mozambican Agricultural Research Institute (IIAM).

Pedro Fato, a researcher from the institute, told Mozambican news agency AIM that although maize was Mozambique’s most important crop after cassava, its yield was still very low, and in that region was only higher than that of Angola.

In Mozambique, maize production is predominantly in low-lying areas and covers 65 percent of those areas, with each family farming plots of up to 3 hectares.

Despite low yields, maize is one of the crops that, along with cassava, has had a production surplus in teh last few years in Mozambique, with total production of 14.7 million tons per year. (macauhub)