Sea cucumber fishing to be regulated in Cape Verde

16 September 2013

Fishing for sea cucumbers (Holothuroidea) in Cape Verde is due to be analysed his month as part of a meeting of the National Fishing Council, said the regional fishing director for Sao Vicente, Carlos Valdir.

According to Cape Verde Radio this issue came to the fore once again after the police seized around 500 kilos of sea cucumbers at the Porto Grande shipping port.

The half ton of fresh sea cucumbers were initially to be sent to Sao Nicolau, but the authorities, after interviewing the owner of the goods, discovered that the final destination was Senegal.

Although it is not used in Cape Verdean cuisine, sea cucumber is a delicacy in the Far East. It has been fished illegally in Sao Vicente since 2000.

Given demand for the product and the amount of sea cucumber that has been seized in recent times the product is expected to be regulated this year, Valdir said. (macauhub)