Food wastage in Cape Verde happens after harvesting

18 September 2013

Food wastage in Cape Verde happens mostly through post-harvest losses, said Luciano Dias da Fonseca, of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) delegation on the archipelago.

Cited by pan-African news agency Panapress, Dias Fonseca said that the wastage is because of a lack of facilities to support the sales of the products, specifically processing and packaging centres.

According to Dias Fonseca, harvesting techniques in Cape Verde are not developed enough for the needs of the market, which, as he sees it, leads to “some food wastage.”

The FAO has called for greater use of new agricultural technologies, such as product packaging and processing centres and improvement of transport.

A study by the FAO published last week showed that the worldwide loss of food totals 1.3 billion tons per year, which leads to economic losses and has a significant impact on natural resources. (macauhub)