Macau to receive 4 million megawatts of electricity from Zhuhai this year

19 September 2013

The power distribution company of the Zhuhai special economic region is this year expected to supply Macau with over 4 million megawatts of power, or around 67 tomes more than it did back in 1984, said the company’s deputy director.

Tan Weibo said that between January and August the company provided Macau with 2.7 million megawatts of electricity, which was a 6.51 percent increase on the same period of 2012.

The deputy director of the Zhuhai Power Supply Bureau, of the China Southern Power Grid group, said that the Fu Xiang sub-station, which is now under construction, is expected to start operating at the end of the year.

As soon as it starts operating, the new 220 kilovolt sub-station will make it possible for the company to double its electricity supply capacity. (macauhub)