Mozambican company builds bitumen factory in Beira

24 September 2013

A factory to manufacture bitumen is due to be built in the city of Beira, the capital of the Mozambican province of Sofala, as part of a 100 percent Mozambican project that will require estimated investment of US$5 million, according to Mozambican news agency AIM.

The factory, with installed capacity to produce 300 tons of bitumen per day, and a third of that earmarked for export, is expected to be finished in three months and will sell its first lot of bitumen January 2014.

This factory, the first stone of which wa slaid Friday, will reduce the cost of importing bitumen and help with construction of roads, the Public Works and Housing Minister, Cadmiel Muthemba said at the time.

The company’s director in charge of carrying out and managing the project, known as Betumemulsão Moçambique, Sebastião Simbine, said that the company was considering building a unit to manufacture drums to store asphalt and manage a fleet of tanker trucks to transport the products.

An oil pipeline will also be built to link the factory to the port of Beira in order to receive the raw material needed that is imported from some oil producing countries.

Simbine also said that Betumemulsão Moçambique was looking into building two more bitumen factories, in Nacala and Maputo, which will require an estimated investment of US$100 million. (macauhub)