Resumption of activity by Mozambique’s Búzi company will require US$240 million

27 September 2013

The construction of a plant for the Companhia do Búzi to resume sugar production in Sofala province will require a US$240 million investment, said district administrator Tomé José.

The project to build a production facility in Mawerengue has been delimited and a sign placed to indicate the future plant site, reports the Maputo-based daily Notícias.

Negotiations with the company have nevertheless not resulted as planned, José said. Sugarcane is currently being produced on 60 hectares to be sold to Açucareira de Moçambique in Mafambisse, in the Dondo district of Sofala.

In the past the Companhia do Búzi was the main visiting card of the district located 150 km from the city of Beira. At peak production periods the company employed between 5,000 and 8,000 permanent and seasonal workers.

Two years ago the Sofala provincial government urged the directors of the Companhia do Búzi to meet previously set deadlines for construction of the new sugar mill. Operations were to begin in July 2012.

Açucareira do Búzi was one of six sugar production facilities in Mozambique during the colonial period. Four units currently operate, Maragra and Xinavane in the south and Mafambisse and Marromeu in the central region. (macauhub)