Chinese citizens are the main beneficiaries of “golden visas” granted by Portugal

10 October 2013

Chinese citizens are the main nationality to have received “golden visas” issued by Portugal accounting for 168 of a total 226 granted so far, the Portuguese consul-general, Vítor Sereno said Wednesday in Macau.

The diplomat, who was speaking at a presentation on Portugal to around 100 potential investors about residency permits granted in return for investment, said that of a total of around 106 million euros that had been invested by Chinese citizens in Portugal through the scheme, 30 to 35 percent was from Macau and Hong Kong.

“That percentage accounts for investment of 33 million euros in Portugal,” said Sereno.

According to the consul, the figures published by the Portuguese Foreign and Borders Department showed “extraordinary growth, especially after opening up the special channel dedicated to golden visas at the Portuguese consulate general in Macau.”

The presentation, which was held at the consular residence in Macau, is part of a tour to promote golden visas, which includes the cities of Macau, Hong Kong and Shanghai. (macauhub)