Congestion at Mozambican port of Beira expected to be resolved soon

10 October 2013

Congestion at the port of Beira, in Mozambique’s Sofala province, is expected t be solved within three months, said the chief executive of the port’s management company Cornelder de Moçambique, Carlos Mesquita.

Cited by Mozambican newspaper Notícias, de Maputo, the CEO said that the problem had got worse over the last 10 years as the amount of cargo increased, and most of it was carried by road rather than by rail.

However, the problem is about to be solved due to the re-launch of railway cargo transport directly from the port of Beira to Lusaka, in Zambia, after a 25-year standstill.

Mesquita said that Mozambique’s ports were designed for transporting cargo at a ratio of 75 percent by rail to 25 percent by road. This was flipped around once the Beira Railway System, made up of the Machipanda and Sena lines, was concession out to, the now closed down company, Companhia Caminhos de Ferro da Beira (CCFB).

Due to the company’s inability to comply with its contractual obligations until recently the cargo that arrived at the port of Beira was carried away at a ratio of 65 to 70 percent by road and 35 to 40 percent by rail. (macauhub)