Cotton production in Mozambique falls to less than 100,000 tons

18 October 2013

Production of seed cotton in Mozambique in the recently concluded agricultural campaign is expected to be less than 100,000 tons, which is a drop of 84,000 tons compared to production in the previous campaign, the assistant national direct of the Mozambican Cotton Institute said.

At a training seminar held last week in Namialo, Nampula province, Gabriel Papusseco played down the results by saying that the drop in production was due to factors that were easy to identify.

He noted important factors such as the price offered of 10.5 meticals per kilo as compared to 15 meticals per kilo in the previous campaign as well as irregular rainfall.

Although there was a lot of rain in January and February in some large cotton producing areas, which made it difficult to clear land and treat the plants against pests, in April and May the rain stopped, which severely affected crop growth.

Large production levels in the two previous campaigns made it difficult for companies to sell all of the seed cotton and Papusseco said that the situation had de-motivated some producers who then opted not to plant cotton this time. (macauhub)