Cashew nuts in Mozambique to be allocated benchmark price

21 October 2013

From 2014 onwards cashew nuts will be allocated a benchmark sale price in Mozambique, the director of the National Cashew Institute (Incaju), Filomena Maiópuè said recently in Nampula.

Setting a price is intended to encourage producers and is expected to have an impact on production levels and the quality of the product across the country.

Maiopué said that Incaju was drawing up a proposal to review current cashew sales regulations, which have been in place for around 10 years. This process also involves other partners, such as the Association of Cashew Industrialists (Aicaju).

The director of Incaju said it would be possible to achieve consensus on the review by the beginning of 2014, after which it would be sent to the technical council of the Agriculture Ministry for assesment and then be sent on to the Council of Ministers for approval.

“Cashew nut producers will be better off through the allocation of a fair price to their product and this move by Incaju is an effort to reduce poverty in rural areas,” said Maiopué. (macauhub)