Angolan government plans to encourage industrial salt production

22 October 2013

Artisanal salt production in Angola is to be replaced by industrial production in order to reduce the amount of salt that is imported each year, said the Angola Secretary of State for Fishing, Antónia Nelumba.

At the opening session of a national meeting on salt production, in Benguela, Nelumba said that national production was estimated at 40,000 tons per year and added that his situations needed to change as Angola had natural conditions to increase production substantially.

The secretary of state said that human, animal and industrial salt consumption was calculated a 120,000 tons a year, and that 70 percent of that amount was imported, according to Angolan state daily Jornal de Angola.

Eradicating illnesses due to a lack of iodine was another challenge for salt production pointed out by Antónia Nelumba, after the Angolan authorities committed to this goal at the 1999 World Children’s Conference in Geneva.

Health problems related to a lack of dietary iodine include goitre, miscarriage, mental retardation and sexual impotence. In Angola these problems are particularly prevalent in the provinces of Huambo, Lunda Norte, Lunda Sul, Moxico, Bié and Kwando Kubango. (macauhub)