Angola to spend US$500 million on improving telecommunications

31 October 2013

Angola is spending US$500 million on improving its wireless telecommunications, inland, out at sea and in space, in order to attract investments and diversify its economy, which is heavily dependent on oil, said the national director for Telecommunications.

Eduardo Sebastião told financial news agency Bloomberg that Angola was currently involved in launching a Russian satellite, costing US$300 million and expected to be launched in 2017 as well as construction of an undersea cable costing US$200 million linking the country to Brazil.

“We want to encourage international companies to partner Angolan companies and we are ready for investors to define their own strategies,” said the Telecommunications director.

Eduardo Sebastião said that the four fixed-line operators in the country, including state company Angola Telecom and MS Telecom, a subsidiary of Sonangol EP, will be authorised to compete with mobile operators Unitel and Movicel in the fixed and mobile market.

Angola’s operators are currently aprt of a consortium called Cabo Angola that will operate the 6,000 kilometre of undersea cable linking Luanda to Fortaleza, Brazil, and negotiations are underway for funding, said Sebastião.

In relation to the future telecommunications satellite, Sebastião said that putting it into orbit would help Angola to provide better links for large volumes of data transmission, which would help oil companies, for example. (macauhub)