New dam inaugurated in Cape Verde

6 November 2013

The Saquinho Dam was inaugurated last Friday and is the fourth infrastructure for retaining surface water built in Cape Verde, reports the Panapress pan-African news agency, citing an official source.

The agency indicated that the opening ceremony was attended by Portugal’s State Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Luís Campos Ferreira, whose country granted Cape Verde a 100 million euro credit line to finance infrastructures and facilities meant to hold back water for agricultural use and to supply the population.

Under this programme dams at Salineiro and Faveta, respectively in Ribeira Grande de Santiago and São Salvador do Mundo, were inaugurated this year, joining the dam at Poilão, the first infrastructure of its kind built by China in the island country, which opened in 2006.

These first four dams inaugurated to date in Cape Verde are all situated on Santiago Island, where another three are also under construction, at Gorda (Santa Cruz county), Flamengos and Principal (both in São Miguel).

Next year will see dams open at Canto Cagarra on Santo Antão Island and Figueira Gorda on São Nicolau Island, the first built outside Santiago, the country’s largest and most populous island.

The water storage and catchment programme envisages a total of 17 dams to be built by 2017, along with 29 large dikes and more than 70 wells. The aim is to mobilise nearly 75 billion cubic metres of water for irrigation and domestic consumption. (macauhub)