European Union and Macau plan to boost 20-year partnership

25 November 2013

The European Union (EU) and Macau plan to boost the partnership that has existed between them for 20 years, the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso and the Macau Chief executive, Chui Sai On said Saturday in Macau.

“We are long-standing partners, in good and bad times,” said Barroso, as Chui Sai On praised the “strategic partnership” with the EU, on the 20th anniversary of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and Macau.

The president of the EC noted that since the agreement was signed, in 1993, two-way trade in 2012 had reached a record of 511 million euros, and that the EU was also the second-biggest exporter of products to Macau, right behind mainland China.

The Macau Chief Executive said he was satisfied with cooperation between Macau and the EU over the years and that he would continue to work with the European community to “achieve new objectives and new targets.”

Later, Chui Sai On and Durão Barroso met again at the Macau government’s headquarters where they summarised the results of two-way cooperation. The meeting was attended by the commissioner of the China Foreign Affairs Ministry in Macau, Hu Zhengyue and the head of the European Union delegation for Hong Kong and Macau, Vincent Piket.

Durão Barroso and Chui Sai On also took part in a ceremony to sign the “Air Transport Agreement,” negotiations for which began in 2004 and which “updates” the 18 protocols previously signed with the EU member-states, adjusting them to current European legislation.

As part of Durão Barroso’s visit to Macau, a European Chamber of Commerce in Macau was founded by trade associations from six EU countries – Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Romania and the United Kingdom. (macauhub)