Study says strategies to improve business climate in Mozambique are “insufficient”

26 November 2013

A report drawn up by the two largest Mozambican business association, CTA and ACIS, said that the strategies to improve the business climate in Mozambique “have been insufficient” despite investments of around US$10 billion for that purpose.

In the study entitled “Evolution of the Business Climate in Mozambique 1996–2013,” the Confederation of Economic Associations (CTA) and the Trade and Industry Association (ACIS) said that investments to improve the business climate in Mozambique, “are not providing results,” the two associations told Macauhub in Maputo.

The report is based on indicators from the “Doing Business” report and the Business climate Index, both drawn up by the World Bank, annual reports of meetings of the Mozambican government with the private sector, the Business Climate Improvement Strategy 1 and 2, amongst other sources.

“The rate of reforms seems to have stagnated, despite efforts from the private sector and significant investments (more than US$10 billion) from donors and the government, which is reflected in the stagnation of the Mozambican Business Climate Index and the country’s ranking in the ‘Doing Business’ report,” the document said.

In the 2007 “Doing Business” report, Mozambique was ranked in 140th place out of 175 countries. It is currently in 146th place out of a total of 185 countries analyses, the study showed.

In order to improve the business climate in Mozambique, CTA and ACIS are calling for three-way action by the government, the private sector and international donors. (macauhub)