Fish accounts for 1/3 of protein consumed in Angola

29 November 2013

A third of total protein consumption in Angola is made up of seafood, with 90 percent of fish caught locally and including the most common types of fish such as sardines, horse mackerel, mackerel, dentex and sea-bream, Angola’s Minister for Fishing said in Namibe this week.

During the Council on Integrated Management of Biological Water Resources held in that city, Vitória de Barros Neto noted that artisanal fishing accounted for around 30 percent of all the fish caught in Angola, an activity that employs around 50,000 people and involves 6,000 licensed fishing vessels.

According to Angolan newspaper Jornal de Angola, the minister also said that some of these people were organised in cooperatives and over 80 percent are women who sell and process the fish.

The Council on Integrated Management of Biological Water Resources supports the Fishing Minister in social dialogue about planning and managing fishing, aquaculture and salt production.

The meeting included analysis of a report on the state of resources and the current situation of the fishing fleet. (macauhub)