Trade between China and Portuguese-speaking countries reaches US$109 billion in first ten months of 2013

2 December 2013

Trade between China and the eight Portuguese-speaking countries from January to October, 2013 totalled US$109.07 billion, a year-on-year rise of 0.81 percent against the same period of 2012, according to official figures from China published in Macau.

In the first ten months of the year China exported goods to the eight Portuguese-speaking countries worth US$35.50 billion (5.16 percent more) and imported goods worth US$73.57 billion (1.16 percent less), generating a trade deficit of US$38.07 billion.

With Brazil, China’s main trading partner both amongst the Portuguese-speaking nations and the rest of the world, two-way trade totalled US$74.26 billion (3.3 percent more), with Chinese exports of US$29.21 billion (6.34 percent more) and imports of US$45.05 billion (1.42 percent more).

Angola, China’s second trading partner amongst the Portuguese-speaking countries, had two-way trade with China totalling US$30.12 billion (5.0 percent less), with Chinese exports of US$3.15 billion (4.92 percent less) and imports, mainly oil, totalling US$26.97 billion (5.01 percent less).

Two-way trade with Portugal totalled US$3.21 billion (4,54 percent less), with China exporting goods worth US$2.03 billion (2.64 percent less) and imports of US$1.18 billion (7.66 percent less).

Mozambique was China’s fourth-biggest trading partner amongst the countries, with two-way trade of US$1.35 billion (22.25 percent more). China exported goods worth US$1.00 billion (29.25 percent more) to Mozambique and imported goods worth US$349 million (4.41 percent more).

In October trade between China and Portuguese-speaking countries totalled US$10.49 billion, which was a downturn of 16.43 percent against September. (macauhub)