Valley of Macs expects to export 1,000 tons of macadamia nuts in Mozambique

4 December 2013

Dutch-owned company Valley of Macs, which produces macadamia nuts in Mozambique’s Manica province, plans to export 1,000 tons of macadamias within three or four years, the company’s director António Gera said.

“We plan to export 50 containers or 1,000 tons per year in 2016/17, when we reach peak production,” said Gera adding that at this current initial stage the company is exporting just 10 containers, or between 80 and 120 tons.

Cited by Mozambican news agency AIM, the director said that the macadamias are currently exported to China, Hong Kong and Vietnam and any increased production would also be sent to those markets.

As one of the few macadamia production projects in Mozambique, Valley of Macs started operating in Serra Chôa in 2006 in an area of 600 hectares, of which 224 hectares are planted up with 70,000 plants.

The macadamia tree is little-known in Mozambique, but the macadamia nut is used in the food and cosmetics industry. (macauhub)