Cape Verdean government to set up Institute of Atlantic Meteorology and Oceanography

6 December 2013

The government of Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) plans to set up the Institute of Atlantic Meteorology and Oceanography by merging the National Fishing Development Institute and the National Geophysics and Meteorology Institute, Cape Verdean newspaper A Semana reported.

The new institute, which is due to start operating in 2014, will bring together the responsibilities of the two institutes that make it up as well as providing support to the activities of the so-called Sea Group.

“The new institute will bring together the current responsibilities of the national institutes for Fishing Development and Meteorology and Geophysics, introducing greater synergy into the activities carried out by those entities and that overlap in some areas,” said a spokesperson cited by the newspaper.

According to the spokesperson, the government is of the opinion that this new services, which will be a “super institute” will position Cabo Verde as a world hub for meteorological and oceanographic research.

Some projects are already underway, such as the Mindelo Oceanographic Research Centre, which partners Germany’s GEOMAR – Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, which has already provided around 3 million euros for building work. (macauhub)