Brazil and China schedule new satellite launch for 2014

18 December 2013

Brazil and China are expected to launch a new satellite in 2014 to replace the one that was launched recently but did not stay in orbit due to launch problems, said Brazil’s Minister for Communications, Paulo Bernardo.

According to the Brazilian press, the minister said that the project to build the satellite that has now fallen back to earth included duplication of all the parts and it has now to be decided whether the new satellite will be assembled in China or Brazil.

According to Bernardo the failure of the satellite launch was due to the rocket’s third engine being switched off 10 seconds before it should have been and therefore the speed needed to put the satellite into orbit was not achieved.

The satellite, which was built in partnership with China, was intended to produce maps and record agricultural activities, tree felling, changes in vegetation and urban expansion.

Minister Paulo Bernardo said that it also had yet to be established who would bear the cost of launching the new satellite given that the initial contract did not make provision for a failed launch. (macauhub)