Chinese group Lifan Motors opens Parts Distribution Centre in Brazil

18 December 2013

Chinese group Lifan Motors has opened its parts Distribution Centre, in the city of Salto (Sao Paulo, Brazil), which will now operate at the administrative headquarters of the group’s subsidiary in Brazil, the Lifan after sales director, Carlos Tavares said.

The brand’s parts distribution operator used to be in the city of Itajaí, in the state of Santa Catarina, through a contract with a third party company, but since the beginning the group had plans to control all of its production, sale and after sales operations.

“The factory and distribution of the vehicles have been in our hands since October 2012 and now we have complete control of parts distribution,” Tavares said.

The group spent 1.2 million reals on the Parts Distribution Centre; where in an area of 3,500 square metres over 3,500 items are stored to meet the needs of Lifan customers in Brazil, specifically for the X60, 620 and 320 models.

On Monday, the Brazilian subsidiary of the Chinese group inaugurated its first showroom in Sao Paulo, and the company’s deputy director, Zhang Xuehai, said he expected that the group’s network of businesses and services would expand in Brazil. (macauhub)