European Union foots bill for new computer system for Cabo Verde’s customs services

19 December 2013

The European Union is due to fund updates to Cabo Verde’s (Cape Verde) “Sydonia++” computer platform for “Sydonia World” which will allow “greater transparency” and to fight corruption within the customs services, said Cabo Verde’s Finance Minister Cristina Duarte.

Whilst inaugurating the new customs building in Praia, the minister said that the government had received confirmation of the funding from the EU and noted that the new digital platform “allows for a completely paperless solution for customs administration in Cabo Verde.”

With the change of the platform for the computer system in the customs service, paper has its days numbered within the customs administration, which makes it “much more transparent, objective and easier to supervise,” said Duarte.

The minister said that the system for managing customs tax exemptions was being computerised and that this would make the process of granting that privilege “more effective”.

Duarte said that customs tax exemption had become a popular way of evading and avoiding tax because the entities that benefited from customs tax exemptions “had an unfair advantage over operators that could not use this mechanism.” (macauhub)