Chinese entrepreneurs to produce rice in Mozambique’s Nampula province

30 December 2013

Chinese entrepreneurs linked to the agriculture sector plan to develop a rice production project in the Mogincual district of Nampula province, said the district director of economic activities, Adamo Idrissa.

Idrissa told the Maputo-based daily Notícias that in response to the manifest interest of those entrepreneurs the provincial authorities had granted a cultivation area of nearly a thousand hectares for the project.

He added that the district has large areas of wetlands suited to rice cultivation and that the new project could result in productivity of eight tons per hectare, twice a year, for a total of 20,000 tons per season.

Idrissa said the district expected a good agricultural season “because the rains have begun falling satisfactorily, which favours germination of seeds sowed in an area of 118,000 hectares, for the production of 586,000 tons of various crops”.

The district is currently carrying out programmes involving research and the transfer of agricultural technology. The aim is to encourage farmers to use improved seeds and intercropping. (macauhub)