Mozambican government plans to create 183,000 jobs in 2014

3 January 2014

The Mozambican government expects around 183,000 new jobs to be created across the country in 2014, of which 137,000 will be in the private sector, daily newspaper Notícias reported Friday.

The newspaper, which cited figures from the 2014 Economic and Social Plan (PES-2014) mentions creation of 183,256 jobs across the country, 45,814 of which will be in the public sector and 137,442 in the private sector.

Growth of employment opportunities in Mozambique this year may be related to projected growth of foreign direct investment (FDI).

FDI projections for Mozambique point to an influx of US$4.12 billion based on projects for exploration of a number of natural resources, including in the mining, agriculture and tourism sectors.

The PES-2014 also says that in the energy sector this year there will be 100,000 new links to the national power grid, which will increase the number of domestic consumers from 1,174,021 in 2013 to 1,385,780 in 2014, which is an increase of 18 percent. (macauhub)