Mozambique’s Zambézia province sells 10,000 tons of cashew nuts

8 January 2014

Mozambique’s Zambézia province is this season expected to put 10,000 tons of cashew nuts up for sale.

This level of production is lower than the 18,000 tons the province sold in 2006. The drop is due to changes in climate and a lack of appropriate management of the plants.

Zambézia province currently has over 16,000 cashew producers.

Government officials said that the sale of 10,000 tons of cashew nuts was lower than real production levels as many sales were made outside normal sales channels.

The Zambézia provincial director for agriculture, Ilídio Bande said that the districts of Gilé, Pebane, Maganja da Costa, the biggest cashew producers, would contribute 80 percent of the cashews sold.