Angolan company lays undersea cable between Africa and South America

13 January 2014

Angola Cables is laying a new fibre optic undersea cable as part of the so-called “South Atlantic Cable System” (SACS), a network to develop telecommunications in Africa, the company’s chief executive said.

SACS is the first transatlantic system in the southern hemisphere to link Africa to South America and will be an alternative to Africa’s links with the rest of the world.

António Nunes, the chief executive of Angola Cables, said that “this link will provide faster access from South America to Asia, eliminating the need to pass through North America and Europe and reducing the distance between the Sao Paulo and Hong Kong stock exchanges, which could be very interesting for the banking sectors.”

Angola Cables was founded in 2009 by the country’s five main telecommunications operators and its main business is to manage international communications between Angola and the rest of the world, via undersea fibre optic cables. (macauhub)