IMF team visits Cabo Verde to analyse economic and financial situation

24 January 2014

A technical team from the international monetary fund (IMF) is in Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) to analyse the archipelago’s economic and financial situation, the Cape Verdean press reported.

On Thursday the team met with members of the Special Finance and Budget Committee of the country’s parliament to discuss issues such as world economic outlook and its impact on Cabo Verde and the policies needed to bolster the growth process as well as Cabo Verde’s economic and budgetary policy.

This is the IMF’s first mission to Cabo Verde this year, which it visits regularly to meet with the government, central bank, business associations and unions, members of parliament and national public and private entities to analyse the country’s economic and financial situation.

Meanwhile, the World Bank on Wednesday presented the new edition of its Partnership Strategy with the country to the Cape Verdean government, on which it will base its future relationship with the archipelago.

During the meeting the participants discussed alignment of the World Bank document with Cabo Verde’s Document for Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy (DECRP III) for 2012-2016.

The World Bank also presented the Cabo Verde Economic Memorandum, which is a study carried out over three years and will be the basis for drawing up a new strategy, the Ministry for Finance and Planning said. (macauhub)