Cabo Verde’s national statistics institute launches 3rd Survey of Family Spending and Revenue

13 February 2014

The National Statistics Institute (INE) of Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) is due this quarter to launch the 3rd Survey of Family Spending and Revenues (IDRF) to update figures on poverty and other socio-economic indicators, an INE official said.

The survey, which was presented Wednesday in Assomada, in Santa Catarina municipality, will be conducted over a year and include up to 7,000 families across the archipelago.

During the survey itself each family will be observed for a period of 14 days.

INE technician Noemi Ramos said that the survey was part of the statistical operations considered to be a priority in the Statistical Agenda for Development in the 2012-2016 period.

The new survey, which is expected to cost 230 billion Cape Verdean escudos funded by the central government and its partners, will allow INE to determine the volume and structure of family consumption, gather demographic data and quantify poverty and its changes over time.

The survey will also analyse living conditions, anthropomorphic measurements (height and weight), assess social inequalities, poverty factors and some indicators for evaluating and supervising the third Document for Growth and Reducing Poverty and the Millennium Development Goals. (macauhub)