Gold production in Mozambique expected to continue falling in 2014

19 February 2014

Mozambique is this year expected to produce around 108 kilograms of gold, compared to 120 kilograms in 2013, according to projections published by the Ministry for Mining Resources.

In 2012 Mozambique’s gold production totalled 178 kilograms and, in the future, the “trend will continue downwards,” due to the rate of execution of the production plan being “much lower than expected in the first half of 2013.”

The other reason for low gold production is that it is mainly produced by artisanal miners and the fact that the sales process is affected by illegal and informal channels, the Ministry said, noting that measures to reduce smuggling and exports of unprocessed gold to neighbouring countries would be a priority this year.

In the last few years, several jewellery sector professionals have been sent to South Africa for training in order to learn how to correctly mix gold and other metals as well as to measure the quantity of the two in order to obtain a product that is of acceptable quality. (macauhub)