Angola requests support from Brazil in the coffee sector

6 March 2014

The Angolan government has requested institutional support from Brazil for scientific research and experiments in the coffee sector, as well as technical assistance to conduct studies and joint interventions, the Angolan embassy in the United Kingdom said in a statement.

The request was put forward Wednesday by the Angolan representative for international organisation in the UK, Miguel Gaspar Fernandes Neto, on the sidelines of the 112th World Coffee Conference held from 3 to 5 March.

Fernandes Neto, who is also Angola’s ambassador to the UK and Ireland asked for Brazil to help Angola to improve its coffee cooperatives, encourage young coffee growers and support women in the sector.

At a meeting attended by Brazil’s deputy Agriculture Minister, Geraldo Fontellas, Brazil’s permanent representative at the International Coffee Organisation, ambassador Pita Gama and the director of the Angolan Coffee Institute, João Ferreira, the Angolan ambassador asked for institutional support to include trade of information on mapping and use of modern equipment.

Figures from the International Coffee Organisation show that Angola produced 50,000 bags of coffee in 2013, after producing 33,000 in 2012. Brazil, which is the world’s largest coffee producer, produced 49.1 million bags, which was a drop on the 50.8 million bags produced the previous year.

Before its independence from Portugal, in 1975, Angola was the world’s fourth-largest coffee producer, producing around 4 million sacks or 240,000 tons per year, but the civil war that raged between 1975 and 2002 almost entirely destroyed the country’s coffee plantations. (macauhub)