Portugal provides support to Cabo Verde in process of extending continental platform

11 March 2014

Portugal will provide support to Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) in the process of extending its continental platform, a project that the archipelago’s authorities will have to present to the United Nations by the end of the year, the Portuguese Agriculture Minister said Monday in Praia.

Minister Assunção Cristas noted that in Portugal an identical process – extending the continental platform from 200 to 350 nautical miles – is already at an advanced stage and was now waiting for an evaluation by a UN commission, according to Portuguese news agency Lusa.

At the end of a meeting, Cabo Verde’s Foreign affairs Minister, Jorge Borges, said that the memorandum of cooperation due to be signed Tuesday focused on the legal framework for Portugal’s support. He noted that there were seven countries in the West African sub-region that were involved in the same project, but added that each country needed to present its own final report.

The seven countries are part of the Committee to Link National Commissions for Continental Platform Extension funded by Norway, as part of a Framework Agreement on Sub-Regional Cooperation on Setting the Outer Limits of the Continental Platform, signed in New York on 21 November 2010, and the seventh meeting of which was held in Praia in January of this year.

According to international conventions “territorial sea” extends 12 miles (22 kilometres) from the coast and states have absolute jurisdiction in this area. This is followed by the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) which stretches up to 200 miles (370 kilometres) and, finally, the Continental Platform up to 350 miles (650 kilometres). (macauhub)