Cabo Verde to receive funding from FAO and Japan for agricultural sector

18 March 2014

Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) is one of four West African countries to receive emergency regional aid from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and from Japan to boost means of subsistence of the most vulnerable populations, Cape Verdean newspaper A Semana reported.

Costing around US$2 million, the project focuses on the agricultural sector and is intended to help families that are dependent on small-scale farming considering the size of farms in Cabo Verde, Guinea Bissau and Senegal.

In a statement issued in Praia, the FAO noted that the challenge of food safety in West Africa and the Sahel is “very complex” and that millions of people are affected by poor nutrition.

“The agricultural sector has a defining role in West Africa, where the majority of families depends on small-scale farming as their main means of subsistence, with women playing an important role in processing and selling agricultural products,” said the statement signed by the FAO representative in Cabo Verde, Marie Isabelle. (macauhub)