Angolan government seeking management plan for Cuanza River integrated water resource system

19 March 2014

Angola’s National Water Directorate has announced that it is seeking proposals from consultancy companies interested in developing the management plan for the Cuanza River integrated water resource system.

The tender is being financed by the International Development Association of the World Bank Group. The announcement indicated that it should include development scenarios, a financing plan and strategy for its application.

The Cuanza River is home to some of Angola’s biggest hydroelectric complexes, such as the dams at Lauca (2,067 megawatts), Cambambe (260 megawatts), Cambambe 2 (700 megawatts) and Capanda (520 megawatts).

A study several years ago cited by the specialty press mentioned the possibility that the United States might finance construction of a large hydroelectric complex in the middle Cuanza able to produce 6,000 megawatts of electric power. (macauhub)