Prospecting for diamonds expanded to the whole of Angola’s Huíla province

21 March 2014

Prospecting for diamonds in Angola’s Huíla province has now been extended across the entire province to confirm the strong indication of diamonds in the region, said the provincial director for Industry, Geology and Mines, Paula Joaquim.

Joaquim added that prospecting, reconnaissance and assessment of new mining resources was underway in all municipalities, notably Quipungo and Matala, as a result of previous studies.

This work, Joaquim said, was also to determine the quantity and quality of the diamonds in the province for future exploration.

In 2015 a gold project is due to begin in the Limpopo area of Jamba municipality, according to information from the concession company, Joaquim said.

Angolan state newspaper Jornal de Angola also reported that copper mining was progressing well in the Mavoio area of the Maquela do Zombo municipality of Uíge province, according to Angola’s geology and mining minister, Francisco Queirós, who travelled to the province to analyse the progress of the project.

The Mavoio mine, which are in an area of 10,000 square kilometres, are expected to produce 20,000 tons of copper per month. So far US$22 million has been spent on prospecting work in the area.

The mine was brought to a halt in 1972 but before that time it had over 3,000 workers and produced over 30,000 tons of copper per year. (macauhub)