Mozambique has potato deficit of 66,000 tons

26 March 2014

Mozambique this year is expected to produce 190,000 tons of potatoes and the country’s domestic consumption is estimated at 256,000 tons, the Mozambican Agriculture Ministry said in a statement cited by Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias.

In 2012 Mozambique produced 205,000 tons of potatoes, which fell to 185,000 tons in 2013, and this may recover slightly to 190,000 tons this year, the statement said.

The Agriculture Ministry said that the drop in potato production in several regions was due to the poor state of repair of many of the access routes used for carrying the produce away, which is combined with a lack of fairs for selling the produce.

To minimise the potato deficit Mozambique imports potatoes from neighbouring South Africa. This situation may be resolved however, if use is made of conditions identified in some regions of the central province of Manica for wide-scale potato production.

From 2009 to 2011 Mozambique spent almost 955 million meticals on programmes to research, import seed, provide fertilizer and pesticide as well as subsidised loans to support potato growers. (macauhub)