Portugal wants to increase environmental cooperation with Macau

28 March 2014

Portugal plans to boost its environmental cooperation with Macau, the Secretary of State for the Environment, Paulo Lemos said Thursday noting that there was interest in expanding cooperation to the Portuguese-speaking world.

“The idea is to carry out activities beyond the Report on the State of the Macau Environment, which we have already done, and we want to do more in areas in which Portugal and Macau have experience, namely waste,” said Lemos at the end of a meeting with the Macau secretary of Transport and Public Works, Lau Si Io.

Cited by Portuguese news agency Lusa, the secretary of state said that, on an institutional level, this increased cooperation would involve “exchange of information between technical staff and training,” and there is also mutual interest in expanding that cooperation to the remaining Portuguese-speaking countries.

In bilateral terms, the secretary of State for the Environment also said he had extended an invitation to Lau Si Io to visit Portugal in order to find out more about the country in terms of the environment and added that Portugal and Macau were working in order to prepare “specific activities.”

On the sidelines of the Macau Forum and International Exposition for Environmental Cooperation Macau, Lemos said that cooperation with the community of Portuguese-speaking countries was highlighted at the meeting with secretary Lau Si Io. (macauhub)