Trade between China and Portuguese-speaking countries totals US$19.68 billion in January/February

2 April 2014

Trade between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries totalled US$19.68 billion in January/February, which was a year-on-year rise of 13.51 percent, according to figures published Tuesday in Macau.

In the first two months of the year China sold goods to the eight Portuguese-speaking countries to the value of US$6.82 billion (7.48 percent more) and purchased goods worth US$12.86 billion (16.97 percent more) leading to a trade deficit of US$6.04 billion.

Most of the trade was with Brazil, which is China’s biggest trading partner, totalling an aggregate value of US$12 billion and rising 11.17 percent.

In the two-month period China sold goods to Brazil worth US$5.8 billion (7.91 percent more) and bought goods worth US$6.42 billion (14.16 percent more).

With Angola, which is China’s second-biggest trading partner amongst the Portuguese-speaking nations, trade totalled US$6.74 billion (17.74 percent more), with China’s exports falling by 3.24 percent to US$612 million and imports, mainly oil, rising 20.35 percent to US$6.13 billion.

Portugal comes in a distant third place in terms of trade with China with a total of US$628 million (13.9 percent more), made up of Chinese exports to a total of US$427 million (16.46 percent more) and imports of US$200 million (8.78 percent more).

Mozambique is China fourth-biggest trading partner amongst the eight Portuguese-speaking countries with total trade of US$275 million (13.86 percent more). Chinese exports to Mozambique in the period totalled US$178.9 million (12.51 percent more) and imports totalled US$96.5 million (16.43 percent more). (macauhub)