Angola wants more investment from Brazil

11 April 2014

The president of Angola’s national private investment agency, Anip, Maria Luísa Abrantes, said in Brasilia that since 2012 there had been no Brazilian investment in Angola and called for Brazilian investment to begin again.

Abrantes, who was speaking in Brasilia at the international seminar on “More information about Angola in Brazil and business opportunities,” said that Brazilian investment in 2012 and 2013 was incipient but that she was pleased that officials from Brazilian development bank Banco Nacional de Des envolvimento Económico e Social do Brasil (BNDES) had announced that, as well as exports, Brazil was preparing to invest in Angola in the production sector.

Abrantes noted that the government had set up the Angola Investe programme to support micro, small ad medium-sized companies with funding and that Angola’s international reserves stood at US$33.4 billion, which was higher than the figure recommended by the IMF.

She also reminded Brazilian businesspeople that investors that focus on infrastructure, industry, transport, agri-livestock, energy and water, telecommunications, fishing, industrial parks and special economic areas, education and health, hotels and tourism would have preferential treatment from Anip.(macauhub)