Artisanal fishing in Mozambique accounts for 87 pct of overall fishing production

14 April 2014

Artisanal fishing in Mozambique, with production of 222,000 tons of a variety of fish, accounted for 87 percent of total fishing production in 2013, Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias reported.

Official figures showed that the 222,000 tons of fish exceeded the target of 194,000 tons set in the Government Five-year Plan for the Fishing Sector in 2014.

“This fact encourages us to believe that we will achieve fish production of 300,000 tons in 2019,” said Fishing Minister, Victor Borges.

The Minister also said that fishing products with the highest commercial value such as shrimp, lobster and kapenta fish, as seen constant growth over the last four years, mainly due to increased kapenta production, although there had been a drop in the amount of shrimp caught in 2012 and 2013, as also happened in 2004.

The governments five-year fishing programme for 2010-2014 includes installing an industrial fishing vessel satellite surveillance system, which in 2014 was extended to the semi-industrial shrimp fishing and line fishing fleets on the Safala Bank, in Inhambane and in Maputo.

In terms of combatting illegal and unreported fishing in April 2012 the Antilhas Reefer ship was launched to cover the entire Exclusive Economic Zone and I October 2012 the electronic registration for tuna fishing was introduced. Since February 2012 Mozambique has been a full member of the Indian Ocean TUNA Commission, a subsidiary of the FAO. (macauhub/MZ)