Household income rises in Macau

22 April 2014

Households in Macau with an income of less than 30,000 patacas (US$3,750) accounted for 39.3 percent of the 181,000 households in Macau, according to the results of the 2012/2013 Household Budget Survey.

Macau’s Statistics and Census Bureau also said that the figure was a drop of 19.4 percentage points against the 2007/2008 Household Budget Survey.

The number of households with monthly income of over 50,000 patacas rose by 15.7 percentage points to 30.7 percent.

According to the Statistics and Census Bureau over the last five years there was higher real growth of income (34.1 percent) than of consumer spending (27.1 percent), meaning improved income distribution amongst households.

Income from employment were the main source of household income, or 73.4 percent of the total, followed by income from property and money transfers, accounting for 14.6 percent and 12.0 percent, respectively.

The 2012/2013 Household Income Survey also showed that the number of households rose by 13,800 against the 2007/2008 survey and that the average size of each household had fallen gradually from 3.14 to 3.05 people. (macauhub/MO)